Established in 1999, Bali Health Foundation, also referred to as Yakeba, is a non-governmental organization with a focus on public health issues. The primary purpose of the organization is to provide outreach and support for individuals in Bali who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction.

Role of Media in Advocacy



On Thursday morning, June 23, 2106 Health Foundation Bali (Yakeba) received an invitation to do a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) by some Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) engaged in HIV in Bali to discuss the utilization of social media in policy advocacy CSO HIV Indonesia.

Yakeba invited to join the study “Use of Social Media in policy advocacy by CSOs HIV in Indonesia” aims to identify the use of social media to support policy advocacy CSOs run HIV in Indonesia. The specific objectives of this study are

[1] Identifying advocacy activities undertaken by CSOs engaged in the response to HIV and AIDS in Indonesia.

[2] Documenting the policy advocacy process that has been carried out by the CSO since the development agenda to be structured and implemented the policy.

[3] Identifies the use of social media to support the activities of CSOs.

[4] Identify the CSO’s perception on the utilization of social media to support advocacy efforts.

[5] Provide good practices in the use of social media in policy advocacy carried out by CSOs in general.

This study was conducted by interviewing CSO HIV in six cities, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Denpasar. This research was conducted by the HIV and AIDS research center Atma Jaya Catholic University in Jakarta and has received approval from the ethics committee at Atma Jaya University in Jakarta.

In this study Yakeba invited to participate as an informant who would follow the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) which will be facilitated by a facilitator in accordance with the guidelines that had been prepared previously. To questions related to the advocacy agency and use of social media in the advocacy activities. FGD process will be recorded using a tape recorder to simplify data analysis.

By Dony Fauzan