Established in 1999, Bali Health Foundation, also referred to as Yakeba, is a non-governmental organization with a focus on public health issues. The primary purpose of the organization is to provide outreach and support for individuals in Bali who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction.

Brain Stimulation Exercise


fungsi-kerja-otakDenpasar (17/09) The human brain is the most important thing in every human life. Working, thinking and even dreaming, humans use their brains in everyday life. If the work function of the brain cannot function optimally it will decrease the quality of life and can decrease productivity. Humans can be easily stressed, irritable and lazy when the work function of the brain is not working optimally.

Not infrequently staff of Bali Health Foundation (Yakeba) had experienced various difficulties in performing tasks, especially in the task of outreach. In addition to obstacles and difficulties encountered in the field, Yakeba officers also busy with monthly reports to be collected as evidence what they are working for a month. It is therefore considered very important for internal strengthening to staff Yakeba especially strengthening in psychology aspect.

Strengthening of psychology that takes the theme of the brain function was held for two days in the Yakeba office on 16 to August 17 2013. Hosted by the psychologist from Rumah Cemara by Mrs Efnie Indrianie M.Psi , strengthening is followed by all Yakeba staff consisting of 12 person staff from Prevention Through Sexual Transmission ( PMTs ) division, 4 person Harm Reduction staff division, 2 administrative staff along with 4 people PABM participants .

The event opened with the introduction of the dominance of the division of the brain in the formation of human character using the concept of the triune brain can be seen on each participant’s finger prints by Efnie Indrianie M.Psi . Of course every human being has a different character and personality of each others. It brought since from their birth.

Example If a person’s brain is dominated by Brain Stem system the mindset is simple, based on what is believed or trusted , to process information based on instincts , reaction tends spontaneously . If someone is dominated limbic brain system, someone in something to rely on feelings, have good attention to people, have a good adaptability to the environment, avoid arguments and conflicts, rather moody and sensitive. If a person’s brain is dominated neo cortex system, thinking framework using rational thinking, motivation is based on the achievement of specific goals and rewards and have a great ambition to achieve something, delighted with the award, has a clear and orderly speech pattern.

In this training the participants are given a way to be able to motivate each character it has good self-motivated or motivate others. Also the participants were given a simple physical exercise to refresh the way of the brain functions that can be practiced in everyday, especially for activities on the field facing a busy and full of problems.

By Dony Fauzan